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IX et X; dans les Monumenta Germaniae, Scriptores, l X (fragments).

(probably ‘chasuble’) of Sts Harlindis and Relindis (pls. It was preserved throughout the Middle Ages at the abbey church of Aldeneik (which these sister-saints founded in the early eighth century) and was moved to nearby Maaseik in 1571.

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Studien zur Bedeutung familiengebundener Aspekte in den Viten des Verwandten- und Schülerkreises um Willibrord, Bonifatius und Luidger, Inaugural-Dissertation …

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Bischoff discovered the interpretation of a cryptogram inserted in an early manuscript between the biographies of the two brothers Willibald and Wynnebald.

It then appeared that her name was Huneberc, an Anglo­Saxon nun of Heidenheim.

She had evidently taken down the description of Willibald's travels from his own mouth, when, as Bishop of Eichstatt, he related his experiences to his brethren.


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