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I wanted to propose on our first day in Barcelona near the sea. We went by many places on the way and suddenly the rain stopped, just as we came to an amazing fortress called Torres del Mar.We both love the historical periods, so it suited us.Then he I simply said to him: ‘Look at all this sea and the horizon and see that everything is possible. “People were in shock,” Adir says, “in shock but very happy.” Then we had a serious discussion with his parents about the wedding.

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‘David and Jonathan,’ the publisher of the Israeli gay magazine F/O/D, decided not to stay silent after watching the horrific photos and videos coming from Russia after Vladimir Putin’s new anti-gay laws.

This week, the publisher launched a new viral campaign with the help of photographers Eitan Tal, Guy Danieli and Ben Gal, makeup artist Eran Pal, and the popular websites ‘Atraf Dating’ and ‘mako pride‘.

I looked and found a good deal for a vacation in Spain.

I have a friend who owns a jewelry store in Dizengoff Center and I asked her to make the engagement ring.” “We flew to Spain and went to the Costa Brava, the coast between Barcelona and France. It was raining hard and the rings were in my pocket the whole time.

Today we live in the Basel area in Tel Aviv.” Adir says that he decided to propose to Oded in Barcelona about six months after they moved in together.