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Closing her eyes, her thoughts went back to the thoughts from that morning.

Tasha had seen porn before, but nothing quite like this.

However, her second class was downright impossible. She sat in back, away from the majority of the students that seemed to be overenthusiastic to be learning something new.

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Originally posted on the F3 forums under the handle of "Tiel Tatsumi".

Posting here for a more permanent and aggregate location for all my erotic writing. Even when she had time to take lunch, she was unable to eat, instead spending the majority of the time in the bathroom clawing at her sex furiously, trying to get an orgasm off before her next class.

Her right hand had been hovering over the same spot as the intensity built.

Before long, her whole body shuddered and convulsed as the orgasm hit her.

The closeness of it all, the heat she had felt between her legs, the copious amount of fluid...


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