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* A Porsche driver: girls, it's a substitute for something.

Once you're a member, you can search for men and women in your area that are looking to meet new people just like you.

Think Colin Farrell, who looks like he'd always prefer a fumble to a facial.

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But if he's constantly telling your mother how 'hot' she's looking, or making innuendos that cause her to swoon but you to blush, you need to have words. Sure, he wants them to like him – and who am I to call for an end to innocent flirting?

– but think about it; ultimately he's only massaging his own ego when he should be boosting yours.

My advice is to discreetly try on his jeans – if they won't squeeze over your calves, it's time to run.

SPENDS MORE TIME GETTING READY THAN YOU DONo one wants a man who spends more time wielding tweezers than wooing his woman.

IS YOUNGER THAN YOUR LITTLE BROTHERYes, we know that Demi Moore and Sadie Frost did it – but there is a limit, and dating a man who's into Harry Potter (or is Harry Potter) is not a good idea. However, if you've really fallen head overheels for him I believe it is possible for it to be OK if a) he and your friend were dating only very casually, b) she's the one who ended it, and, most importantly, c) she has since moved on — properly.


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    They are light and airy, and taste amazing smeared with butter. When I go out with a large group of my friends to eat at the Brook Tavern, everyone is civil during the main course, but once we get to dessert, it is a straight up battle.

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