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Were you able to figure out in what year you wrote each song? I'm pretty sure "Cathouse Blues" was written in 1969, before Lindsey and I moved to L. And I think "Lady" was written at the end of 1971 or beginning of 1972, when Lindsey and I got our first piano. When [John Mc Vie] got cancer, we had to cancel our tour of Australia. My previous album, producer] Dave Stewart and said, "How do we make a record in two months?

I think it was the first song I ever wrote on a piano. I had some free time, and I thought, "Maybe I should make a record." All over the Internet, there are songs I wrote but never released, and people keep saying, "Why don't you record these songs for real? " And he said, "We go to Nashville." He told me, "In Nashville, you hire the best studio musicians, and they record two songs a day.

, the 1977 Fleetwood Mac album, is both one of the most elegant pop albums ever made, and one of the most savage.

And you missed out on a lot of fun vacations, because you were so sure that you were fat."Fleetwood Mac With Christine Mc Vie Announce North American Tour So the moral is, spend more time in a bikini? All the little girls in their 20s, they're terrified of looking like they're not 16. They're hanging out on a fence and -- I don't want to say hooker cats, because they weren't that, but they were definitely street cats.

And I'm like, "Oh, just get ready for what's to come." It's going to be way harder for them. When it says "blue-gray eyes," I think that must have been about Lindsey, because he has blue-gray eyes.

In Fleetwood Mac, I play them a demo, and someone says, "That's great, but why don't we work on that second verse? " or I might say, "That's a good idea." You mull it over. You're asking people to give you an opinion, just so you'll be able to say, "I totally disagree with you, and I know I'm right.

We packed up after those 15 days in Nashville and went back to my house, where we recorded background vocals and guitar overdubs. Is there relief in doing a solo album, rather than going through the democratic process of Fleetwood Mac? But I'm glad to hear how you feel." You spent months listening to your old songs, and for 's art, looking at photos of yourself as far back as your 20s. Part of me is feeling extremely old now, and part of me is feeling extremely young.

Sometimes you can't see it in yourself, but you sure as heck can see it in someone else. I was still in a fragile state, after 48 days of hell in rehab.