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So let us calculate how many years have passed since today started for Brahma.

Step 1: For 6 Manvantaras we have 71x 6 = 426 Mahayugas Step 2: Then we have the gaps between each Manvantara which is 7 x 4 Yugas = 2.8 Maha Yugas Step 3: Then we have the current Mahayuga in our Manvantara which is 28th, we are in the last 1/10 of it (Remember Kaliyuga is the last of 4 yugas and spans 1/10 of a Mahayuga). So all put together we have 426 2.8 27.9 = 456.7 Mahayugas have been already spent in current day of Brahma.

We belong to other Yugas as well where we live a longer life!!

More than the length of the life, a greater depth as well Aliens, please come and meet me, wanna discuss a lot, people on earth are busy making money Brahma, please put me in some parallel universe.

There are 360 days in a year for Brahma and we are in the first day of 51st year.