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This fat-storing hormone spikes due to the psychological stress from constantly saying “no” to the dessert you want so badly.Some dieters get so caught up in being thin that they heavily restrict the number of calories they eat, or even turn to going the whole day without eating.

We have a tendency to eat while we’re distracted by our phones or other devices, which causes us to overeat.

According to Eating refined carbs that are found in white breads and baked goods spike your blood sugar and cause weight gain, so you’re better off switching to whole grains.

Going on these dangerously restrictive diets can actually slow down your metabolism and cause pounds to burn off slower, so remember to stay on the healthy track of a balanced diet and exercise.

Contrary to popular belief, eating large quantities of food three times a day isn’t always the best choice for your waistline.

The researchers stated that overall, any dairy product has a “neutral” effect on our health.