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Liv, who appears on the cover of Bust magazine's April/May issue, admitted she's had "a rough couple of years."The actress and her husband, musician Royston Langdon, with whom she had 6-year-old son Milo, split in 2008.


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    We are the Desiderio family founders of Pizzeria Bella Italia, Luisa and I (Michelle) are Tino and Barbaras two daughters….. after just a short few years it was apparent we needed to re-locate to larger premises. After oodles of persuasion Mum and Dad said yes to both…. now its our turn to show what we are made of and come of age…

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    He saw I was admiring it, and, said he, "Colonel, you might tickle a fellow's ribs a long time with this little instrument before you'd make him laugh, and many a time have i seen a man puke at the idea of the point touching the pit of his stomach." Anyway, the only name right now for historically and functionally-correct Bowie knives is Bill Bagwell. If you're referring to what I said about the way Evans sometimes does his finials, that particular method will break under stress.

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