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Elsewhere there are extracts cobbled together to give an account but this is his entire story.One has to be a bit careful as regards its accuracy as it was written down sometime afterwards and he was not a witness to everything he writes about.Nonetheless, the only eye-witness acount to any of it from someone who was there and on the Indian side. Jerosch was a lawyer and applies his forensic training to the all too many 'mysteries' of the Rani's life, in particular her role in the massacre. Originally published in German as 'Rani von Jhansi - Rebellin wider Willen'.

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The appendices include other reports, of particular interest the statements supposedly implicating Lakshmibai in the massacre.

Godse was a Brahmin who found himself in Jhansi in 1857/1858.

Although first published in 1956, is available now in English translation.

It tends to be adulatory, does not attribute sources, is rather disjointed but is full of wonderful detail from oral sources as well as the written.

A detailed and very readable account of the events and massacre at Cawnpore and the retribution that followed.