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The Baikal IZH27 has the Stoeger Condor in overall build strength and it's not even close by a long shot from what I have observed. I presently own 3 Baikal O/U's and couldn't happier with the shotguns for the money.The Baikal IZH27 is not the most aesthetically pleasing O/U wood finish wise… None have given me problems mechanically and I use these shotguns often.I was aware that it was made in Russia, imported and warrantied by Remington, I heard good things about it.

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Your may have to put a slip on pad to add some length. I don't believe Remington sells the Spartan line any more. Spartan Sporting 310 that's actually made by Biakal in Russia.

While they are certainly no beauty queen they're built like tanks and no , Remington no longer imports them.

My first 25 on a skeet field came 46 years ago with my one year old Model 1100, and 9 years before I got my Mechanical Engineering degree. The 12ga IZH27 Sporting Clays O/U (Same shotgun as the Remington 310S) has many thousand rounds fired and still locks up like a vault.

My last 24 (so I don't shoot nearly as much) came two years ago... And no comparison when mentioning the Baikal O/U in the same sentence with a Stoeger O/U reliability wise.

A Rem 1100 will last as long as you live, but you would have to mount it to see how it fits you.


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