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The simplest case deals with functions of the form z=f(x,y), i.e., functions whose graph is a surface in three-dimensional space.Such surfaces can be drawn with the aid of level curves of the function.Many scientists spend much of their time trying to predict the future state of some system, be it the state of an oil spill, the state of our star system, the state of an amoeba colony, the state of our economy, etc.

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Some of these will provide you with further valuable reference sources for the meanings of Māori vocabulary and idioms, and for the identification of people, place names and species not included in Example sentences Example sentences have been included for most separate meanings and parts of speech so that the word can be seen in context. Unless referenced otherwise, these translations are by the author, except in the case of example sentences taken from the Māori Bible, where all the translations are from the King James Version.

Learners will be able to improve their understanding and fluency by studying these example sentences carefully.

If R is the total resistance of three resistors connected in parallel, find the maximum error in the value of R if the measured values of the three resistors have possible errors of 0.5%. He was one of the most distinguished physical scientists of last century, using his deep insight and originality and mathematical skill to increase greatly our understanding of phenomena such as the turbulent flow of fluids.

His interest in the science of fluid flow was not confined to theory; he was one of the early pioneers of aeronautics, and designed a new type of anchor, now widely used in small boats throughout the world, that came about through his passion for sailing.

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