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It’s a question that still follows Murphy, 60, a former longtime Goldman Sachs executive and the Democratic nominee for governor in Tuesday’s election. Nearly a decade later, voters are still suspicious of the financial industry and politicians who raise money from or give paid speeches to Wall Street firms. Fairly or not, Goldman Sachs came to symbolize corporate greed like no other firm on Wall Street after the financial crisis.That an investment banker is the odds-on favorite to be the next governor of New Jersey may seem incongruous with the rise of populism on the right and left.

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But Murphy forged ahead, a “rising star and strong leader” who “swore and drank like the unabashed Irishman he was,” according to The Partnership: The Making of Goldman Sachs, a 2008 history by Charles D. Within a few years, Goldman was co-lead underwriter for the initial public offering of Deutsche Telekom, Germany’s telecommunications colossus, a $13 billion deal that generated big fees.

In 1997 Murphy became president of Goldman Sachs Asia just as a financial crisis roiled Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, South Korea, and elsewhere.

“This would unleash a tsunami of Pulitzers and hysteria if the political parties or priorities were changed,” said Mr. “Here is a real test for ‘good government’ activists—is this all right if the ‘right’ politicians and donors pushing the approved agenda outsource government? According to the “How come governors aren’t even listed on the website? When the RICO 20—a group of professors who petitioned the Obama administration to bring racketeering charges against those who disagreed with the president’s climate agenda—faced enormous backlash for their efforts to silence dissent, Climate Nexus The Great Republican Carbon Tax Myth Earlier this year I reported here and here for Breitbart News on the bizarre spectacle of various Republican elder statesmen—including Reagan-era Secretary of State George Shultz—campaigning to “combat climate change” by agitating for a carbon tax.

”to support climate change communications efforts, and supplied research later promoted by these state governors as their own. Naturally the got very excited at the idea that conservatives were starting to see the light.

We anticipate that this campaign will be complemented with efforts in the political sphere to hold accountable those who are unresponsive to our network members or to defend those who are responsive.“Carbon Funded Tax Cuts” will stimulate GDP growth, create jobs, make U. companies more competitive in the global market place, make the tax system fairer, and result in dramatic climate change benefits.


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