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In analyzing the data and developing CPGs, the GWC uses evidence-based methodologies developed by the Task Force (6).

A key component of the ACC/AHA CPG methodology is the development of recommendations on the basis of all available evidence.

Practical considerations, including time and resource constraints, limit the ERCs to addressing key clinical questions for which the evidence relevant to the guideline topic lends itself to systematic review and analysis when the systematic review could impact the sense or strength of related recommendations.

The GWC develops recommendations on the basis of the systematic review and denotes them with superscripted “SR” (i.e., ) to emphasize support derived from formal systematic review.

The Task Force strives to avoid bias by selecting experts from a broad array of backgrounds representing different geographic regions, genders, ethnicities, intellectual perspectives/biases, and scopes of clinical practice.

Selected organizations and professional societies with related interests and expertise are invited to participate as partners or collaborators.

Guideline-Directed Medical Therapy—Recognizing advances in medical therapy across the spectrum of cardiovascular diseases, the Task Force designated the term “guideline-directed medical therapy” (GDMT) to represent recommended medical therapy as defined mainly by Class I measures—generally a combination of lifestyle modification and drug- and device-based therapeutics.