Soap opera stars dating

Andrew Brucker/Corbis Outline; 20th Century Fox/Everett Collection; Jason La Veris/Film Magic Jane Krakowski played Tonya, who figures in the investigation of a video-dating service on Another World (1989).

Krakowski got noticed playing law office hottie Elaine Vassal in the TV series Ally Mc Beal (1997-2002).

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As originally conceived, Kristen was a heroine, who had an Achilles' heel in that the show's supervillain, Stefano, had raised her after the death of her parents. Reilly, who assumed head writing reins in 1993, began to make Kristen more of a villainess.

Reilly eventually developed an outrageous second role for Davidson, having her play Susan Banks, a Kristen look-alike.

More recently she played Helen Stephens, convicted of murdering her boss in the TV comedy pilot Dead Boss.

Jerry Mosey/AP; Dave Friedman/ABC; Craig Sjodin/ABC/Getty Images Billy Dee Williams played an unnamed assistant district attorney in Another World (1960s).

She starred in the blockbuster TV crime series The Closer (2005-12) and more recently appeared alongside Sylvester Stallone in feel-good indie film Reach Me.