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They scout the world for survivors, scavenging the ruins for resources and torching anything that remains.

If you were one of the fans speculating about the Monk as the next class coming to Kritika Online, you win a gold star!

En Masse Entertainment has sent word that PTS has been updated with the "Chosen Path" update that contains the Enlightened Monk class and the new Imprint System.

A lifetime of martial study makes these noble warriors a favored choice of the gods -- unfortunately, however, this code of ethics is rarely honored in the years following death as memories fade and loyalties are tested.

The title of Confessor is officially sanctioned for use only by the Church of the Sun, but used colloquially to include the practitioners of fire magic across all cultures.

I'm a bit of a tom boy who likes all the guy stuff like science fiction, computer gaming, cars, and stuff like that.