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Which meant that when people wanted to call attention to short stature and body differentness, midget was the first word to come to mind.Those of us raised in this country from the fifties and after came to associate "midget" only as a bad and hurtful word.

And we had never actually talked about the word -- he just picked up the value from growing up with little people.

So we sat him right down and began desensitizing the word midget.

Ebert, I am an actor that you have reviewed neither favorably nor unfavorably in two different movies: one was “Death to Smoochy,” the other "Things You Can Tell Just By Looking At Her.” I have absolutely no objection to you trashing a film or lauding it.

I do object to the use of the word "midgets" in your review of “Death to Smoochy.” As a writer you are aware of the power of words.

They felt the midget/dwarf issue had been resolved and that "Little People" had won the day.