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After careful consideration, Ari realizes Terrence is going to attempt to force him out of the agency, and attempts a coup of his own by organizing a clandestine lunch meeting with eight hand-picked fellow agents.

The plan fails when Adam Davies (a rival agent), rats Ari out to Terrance, who quickly has all of his employees sign letters of commitment to his company.

He confronts Josh Weinstein and humiliates him in front of his guests.

Ari then finds Vince and admits that the offer came in (a mere $40,000) and that he lied about it because he's trying to do what's best for Vince's career.

Vince balks at the offer, believing it's not his style, but Ari insists that Vince desperately needs to do a "commercially viable popcorn flick" in order to raise his profile in the wake of season 1's micro-budget indie flick, Queen's Bouldevard.